5 Discovered check

5.1 Tutorial

Discovered check is as treacherous as a free kick trick in football. One player runs forward but a second one shoots.

In a discovered check one piece moves and in doing so opens up a line towards the opposing king  for a bishop, a rook or the queen. The danger of the discovered check lies in the fact that the opponent must react to the check and cannot at the same time parry a threat made by the piece which has just moved.

5.2 Exercises

Move directly on the board to input a solution. Either click first on the start square and then on the target square. Or click on the piece, hold on to it, move it tot he target square and let go of it. The button ‘Left arrow’ takes back the move.
Start again
Discovered check is a nasty tactical trick. One piece moves so that another one can give check. The piece which moves can create all sorts of mischief.