1 Double attack

1.1 Tutorial

The double attack is the most common tactical motif in chess. A double attack sets up two threats with one move. Only one of the threats can be fended off. This leads to material gain, and whoever has more material usually wins the game.

Those who understand the typical motifs of double attacks have a huge advantage among amateur players. Your opponent may still see a simple direct attack. However, if you threaten a double attack on the next move, it is more difficult to see.

In movies, chess games are decided by spectacular mating sequences so that an actor can say 'checkmate'. In practice, however, it is much more effective to gain material through elementary tactical tricks.

1.2 Exercises

Move directly on the board to input a solution. Either click first on the start square and then on the target square. Or click on the piece, hold on to it, move it tot he target square and let go of it. The button ‘Left arrow’ takes back the move.
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A double attack makes two threats at the same time. Usually only one can be parried. Therefore the double attack wins material.