3 Skewer

3.1 Tutorial

In the skewer the bishop usually attacks the queen or a rook. After the latter moves away The bishop takes a rook which lies behind it on the same diagonal and thus the attacking side wins the exchange, A skewer with queen and rook is also possible if the pieces behind the object of the attack are unprotected. Like its close relative the pin, the skewer can easily be overlooked.

3.2 Exercises

Move directly on the board to input a solution. Either click first on the start square and then on the target square. Or click on the piece, hold on to it, move it tot he target square and let go of it. The button ‘Left arrow’ takes back the move.
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In the skewer the bishop most often attacks the queen to win a rook which is placed behind it on the same diagonal. Be careful when you have your queen and a rook on a diagonal of the colour of an opposing bishop.