Material in chess. Whoever has more wins.

The more squares a piece controls, the greater its value. Whoever has more valuable pieces than his opponent can win easily. Either the superior forces win in an attack, just like in football after a red card. Or else you swap everything off later in the endgame. A simple extra pawn will suffice. It promotes to a queen and then mates easily.

Because material is so important, you must watch out for your own pieces and spot attacks by your opponent. Here you will learn the correct way to attack and to protect pieces.

In a direct mating attack pieces can be sacrificed since mate is the highest goal of all. That makes chess exciting because the material constraints are temporarily suspended. But if the attack is nor successful the opponent will win because of his material superiority.
When attacking, defending, exchanging and sacrificing pieces you have to their value. Any player who is swindled when exchanging will soon lose the game. To understand that a little theory is required.
If your move means that you could take an opposing piece on your next move, you are attacking it. You need to recognise such possible attacks and carry them out at the right moment. In addition we shall show how to react to attacks.
Because attacks are so important we'll do some solid practice
Defending also needs to be learned. Here there is plenty of material for just that.

Attack correctly. protect correcrly and know the value of the pieces. You will soon play decent games,