7 Overloaded piece

7.1 Tutorial

An overloaded piece is coping at the same time with two defensive tasks. That can, e.g., be the protection of another piece or the defence of a square on which the other side could deliver mate. The attacking side takes advantage of this overload, possibly even by means of a sacrifice. The motif is closely related to diversion. In overloading, however, a sacrifce is not needed to achieve diversion.

In chess tactical chances often occur whenever a lot of pieces are under attack and are defended in different ways. When you are playing, after each move by your opponent the first thing to do is to check what it is attackiing. Vice versa, after a move of yours you should always ascertain that your move does not leave a piece unprotected.

7.2 Exercises

Move directly on the board to input a solution. Either click first on the start square and then on the target square. Or click on the piece, hold on to it, move it tot he target square and let go of it. The button ‘Left arrow’ takes back the move.
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When a piece is parrying at the same time two opposing threats it is possibly overloaded. Tha attacking side can then win material