Tactical tricks in chess

Anything which is attacked can also be protected. And here tactical tricks come into play. If you know them you can come up with attacks against which there is no defence. That can decide the game on the spot.
The mother of all tactical tricks: The double attack. Killing two birds with one stone, only one can escape.
First pin, then capture. Not nice, but effective
Even better players can overlook it: a piece is skewered and then material behind it is won.
A nasty surprise. One moves, another attacks. The defender is usually overloaded.
One of the most dangerous tactical weapons of them all. A discovered attack with check is as a rule fatal.
One poor piece has several defensive tasks. Things often go wrong because you only have one move when it is your turn.
An age-old motif which still works. One piece diverts the defender, another cleans up.
Killing the king by walling it in and a powerful queen sacrifice. Smothered mate is one of the most beautiful combinations in chess and is seen surprisingly often in practice.

If you know the most important tactical tricks you will find attacks against which there is no defence. That wins material and the game.